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“Finally a girl is No One.”

“A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. And I’m going home.”

Last Episode of Game of Thrones was yet another amazing treat for us. ‘No One’ finally delivered what we expected from the start. Arya Stark finally is going home to Winterfell.

The episode opens up with the play and after finishing it the actress Arya saved finds her wounded in the back of the stage. She cures her, gives her medicine and helps her recover.

But sooner that girl H’ghar sent to kill Arya arrives and butchers the actress and then the chase begins. She chases Arya to the dark tunnel and Arya finally ends it all and kills the girl.

In the end of the episode she went back to the house of Black and White where she puts the girl’s face. H’ghar finds her there. Arya asks her if he send her to kill her. He nodded.

Then he comes up with the line, “Finally a girl is No One”. The reply Arya gives just makes the ending of the episode far more superior. She says, ” A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. And I’m going home.”

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No One

The Hound being really angry kills the soldiers and then heads for the men who killed his brothers tally. But he discovers that the No House brothers already have them and are all set to hang the killers.

Although he couldn’t butcher them, he hang two of them and then joins the brothers of No House. That killing sequence was typical Hound one but this time it was for a friend, his first friend.

On the other hand, Rivverun is surrounded by Lannisters. Brienne asks Jamie Lannister to give her grant to go to the castle and ask Blackfish to join Sansa in the war of North.

No One

He permits her but Blackfish bluntly refused the offer and said that he would save his homeland rather than fight for her home. Kingslayer Jamie then confronts the Lord of the Vale to surrender his army and makes up his mind to do so.

In the process, Blackfish dies fighting. Brienne and her Squire runs away on a wooden block but Jamie sees them. That last moment when Jamie waves his hand and Brienne replies with the same.

That moment was full of desire, care and love. We still don’t know if they like each other but they have a special place for each other at least as friends. Let’s see how far this affair goes.

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In Kings Landing, the High Sparrow demands Cersei to visit him but she refuses and The Mountain kills one of the saviors of High Sparrow and the GOD which was really terrifying.

No One

Later on she witness Tommen giving orders for removing Trail by Combat. He also announces that all the justice and the treatment of sins would be done with the mercy of God. Cersei definitely didn’t like it all. So, it looks like Kings Landing would witness another bloody war.

In Meereen, the Masters attacked the city and it all started diminishing when Daenerys makes a heroic entry in the Pyramid. However, the scene ended there, her intense look showed everything she wanted to say.

Daenerys Targaryen

The next two episodes are supposed to be filled with fights, dead bodies and blood. Let’s just hope an amazing and tight end to this season of Game of Thrones.

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