Review : Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Blood of my Blood’

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Game of Thrones has finally taken the pace and ‘Blood of my Blood’ is an example of it. The sixth episode of GoT promises an old foe’s return and it’s a Stark. But before you go ahead, I would like to let you know that Spoilers follow ahead.

After the stupendous actions of Bran Stark, as we all know, Hodor dies, the episode follows the event. Meera is dragging Bran who again transits from one vision to the other and sees the Mad King ordering to burn them all. He only wakes up when Meera falls down tired.

Then comes the old foe, Benjan Stark, the uncle of Bran Stark and brother of Eddard Stark who was supposedly dead but he was saved by the Children of the Forest with the help of a dragon glass.

blood of my blood

In Braavos, Arya Stark is enjoying anther play based on Joffrey’s death but she’s given a task to kill the actress. She poisons her drink but while coming out of the tent, she was caught, but she manages to get herself out of the mess.

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The other girl with Jaqen H’ghar asks him to let her kill the girl because Arya Stark finally decided to be herself and she gets her needle from where she hid it, and now we might see another killing in Braavos.

In Horn Hill, Sam introduces Gilly to his family but asks her to not reveal that she’s a wildling because his father doesn’t like them. Everything’s fine until the dinner when she accidentally reveals her identity after which Sam’s father and mother leaves the table.

In Kings Landing, the High Sparrow plays a big card. As you might have noticed in the teaser that Jamie prepares to fill the street with blood, but the High Sparrow somehow manages to get Tommen and Margaery on his side and promises a better Kings Landing.

This leaves Jamie and Cersei shocking!

blood of my blood

Now follows the stripping. Tommen strips Jamie from Kings Guard position and orders him to take back Riverrun from the Blackfish. This means that another war is heading our way.

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Daenerys is marching towards Meereen with the Dothrakis with Daario and she finally flew on the dragon to her Kingdom where she gives a speech, a very lengthy speech.

‘Blood of My Blood’ really sets the tone for the season’s finale and we hope for more amazing happenings in the next 4 episodes.

And now in the next episode, it would be interesting to see if Brienne and Jamie will meet again because they both are heading towards Riverrun. Stay tuned for more updates on Game of Thrones. There’s more after Blood of my Blood.

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