This Is What Happend When You Take Gadgets Too Seriously!

Girl takes gadget too seriously crying

Video Credits : FeldBum

A Video shared by FeldBum proves that today’s generation is gettting mad at Mobile Phones, Gadgets and in this situation this is What Happend When Your Mobile Phone Gets Discharged.

A Girl spotted crying in a Train when She uses her Phone normally but suddenly she’s start Crying like a Child and the reason behind is, Battery Discharged.

Well, Wow…Mobile Phones have become more of an Obsession than Utility.

Now a Days People spend More time with their Smartphones that they didn’t have time left for Social Interactions.

While she’s Crying like a Child, Nobody Care for her and the Subway Completely Ignores her because they knew the Reason.

Pretty Girl, Don’t worry Go Home and Charge it Again 😀

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