Ever Wondered What Goes On An Average Indian Girl’s Mind – Have a Look!

Frustrated Indian Girl

Frustrated Indian Girl Lashes Out On Indian Society! 😛 Hilarious!

Source : BluHope Entertainment

This Frustrated Indian Girl hilarious outburst on Family Pressure and Relationship is epic.

Ever wondered what goes on an average Indian girl’s mind, this video will give you an insight view.

The various problems girls facing from Family-Pressure to Boyfriend issues and Everything Else.

No Re-takes, No breaks this Frustrated Indian Girl would rather grab a break before a breath. When she completes first half then, she also mentioned that her parents come up with the last ace stating the heart crushing dialogue ‘ Aaao Beta Beitho, Baat Kerni Hai’.

But when they start to talk they go like ‘Beta Jaldi Utha Kro’ with all the seriousness ‘Why did you Hijack Alien Space Ship‘ with a famous dialogue ‘Log Kya Khengy‘ 😛

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