Did You Know That Dory Almost Ended Up With A Sibling In Finding Dory? Here’s Why She Didn’t!

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Dory Almost Ended Up With A Sibling In Finding Dory!

The Titular Lovable goes on a mission to re-unite with her long lost family, or more specific a group that consist of two parents, no siblings but that wasn’t the case, as there was a early draft of Finding Dory that actually had Dory getting an adopted sister or brother, according to the director of Finding Dory who spoke to Cinemablend earlier this month during the Finding Dory Press Day in Los Angeles.

According to Andrew Slanton there were versions of the script that featured a sibling for Dory, revealing that there were original plans to have Dory’s parents share their daughter’s short term memory loss affiction and here is what he said,

I also thought it might be a little bit more of a metaphor for an adoption story. I thought because of the short-term memory loss that the parents might have adopted another stray and kind of misconstrued the loss of Dory. It was very hard to make them sympathetic for making that choice, even though it happened innocently, but that’s how it started.

Finding Dory Story follows as, Dory who is living with Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) and Nemo(voiced by Hayden Rolence) a year after the adventures and wonderful events of the first film, is now haunted by a childhood memory of her parents, revealed by a flashback that they’re still alive and she can locate them, despite the fact she forgets everything within minutes because of her short term memory loss.

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Walt Disney & Pixar Studios upcoming Adventure Animated Finding Dory Movie could turn the tides and swim it’s way to the box office success as The Wrap reported, Finding Dory is projected to make $125 Million on it’s opening weekend, easily making it one of the few sequels this summer to surpass it’s predecessor blockbuster Finding Nemo.

Finding Dory is in theaters now but you can check our Review here.

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