10 Ways To Push Yourself Out Of The Daily Boring Routine

Time to do something……….

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Feeling bored is something that we use quite often and we usually spend our whole day thinking what to do next. Well, I guess this problem of yours is now solved because we have gathered 10 different ways to convert the ‘boring’ to ‘awesome’.

Although these ways are not new or something but are what you might have forgotten or not feel necessary. So let’s get going with it.

Time for this

Feeling bored

1. Feeling Bored.! Think about your dream and make a plan

What else could be as productive as making a plan about how to achieve your dreams. As I mentioned above, these are not going to be the things you find new, but something that would yield the best of your moods and by practicing such tactics of planning and doing stuff is half way through. So don’t let your moods come in the way of success.

2. Call Random Numbers And Prank Them!

Well, this tactic could land you in trouble if someone lodges a complaint against you but it would be fun and you won’t regret being behind the bars for a night for this. Personally saying, I did this when I was a kid and it was really fun doing it, although, risky too.

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3. Prank your friends with anything you can think of

Pranking someone can’t go out of fashion and this trick is stone aged. The best way to creep the hell out of anyone is telling them you had an accident or something like that or you can tell your girlfriend/boyfriend that your parents came to know about you and you can’t talk anymore (if you have strict parents) or they want to talk to your parents.

4. Ring the doorbell of anyone’s house and run!

Remember the old prank we all used to play on our neighbors or sometimes those we don’t even know. This can never grow old and you can be anything but you can’t deny this is fun.

5. Sit down on your balcony and look at the sky

All your worries and tensions are sure to go when you will look at the sky all alone. There’s a power in nature that can change the darkest of the days into sweet ones. Try this one and you won’t ever regret it and you might even build a habit of looking at the sky.

6. Go out on a lone walk

Solitude is the best companion one can have when no one’s around. This tactic would reduce stress and make you feel better and also, you will find something new about you.

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7. Go and talk to random people and ask about their day

This will not only transfer your bad thoughts to some other place but also increase the engagement with people which is very necessary nowadays. Go on and reach out to them because you will get to know more about people.

8. Time to watch that TV series you always wanted

Whether it’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Prison Break or the old Smallville, take some time and watch it right from the beginning. Give your mind some relaxation time.

9. Let’s make some food (for the first time)

Cooking makes us feel better and is a great way to pass the time. Plus, you will learn something new and delicious. Isn’t it good?

10. Sleep

What else can you do to pass the time when nothing works? Sleep. You won’t even know when the day passed while in your dreams.

So are you still feeling bored? I don’t think you do but if it is so, then let me know in the comments!

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Written by Jinu Saroha

Jinu Saroha

Writing is his passion. He is currently writing his first novel and in the meantime he is writing for us in News category, Mind Bending Theories, and Entertainment section. He is a really skillful author who gives his own touch while writing which makes it even more interesting.


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