Deadpool 2 Movie (2018) : Everything We Know So Far

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Deadpool 2 Movie Production Stars In Fall 2016  😀

Biggest X Men Movie in the history of X Men Franchise, Deadpool smashes everyone & everything on Domestic & Global Box offices and after months of it’s release the movie is doing still good. Deadpool has grossed over $750 Million worldwide so far and continue to rising up it’s massive collection.

But you’re not here for this information, you want to know about the 2nd installment of Deadpool and you know what you’ll get it all here, each & everything about Deadpool 2 Movie which is scheduled to release in February 2018.

Let’s start with Ryan Reynolds, the heart of the movie, He’s signed his contract for Deadpool 2 Movie 2 days back and is all set for production in fall 2016.

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To Know Before Deadpool 2 Movie, Here Is Quick Look Who Deadpool Really Is?

Deadpool Monthiversary Poster

Deadpool also known as Weapon XI aka Wade Wilson aka Mercenary aka Merc With The Mouth and latest Ryan Reynolds 😀

Well, no one knows about his true powers, capabilities but after watching Deadpool Movie and collected some info from Marvel Comics, now we know Deadpool is a Anti-Hero or more clear he’s a classic Super Villain in back days of Marvel Comics but just like Iron Man, he’s too transform his abilities and powers to save people’s life.

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Oh! you didn’t know that Iron Man was a Super Villain in Marvel Comics back days. hmm! well too bad for you! But cheer up! Now you know! Don’t You?!

There is a list of plenty of things which you don’t know about your favorite superheros but we’ve covered all of it for you in our previous articles but now focus on Deadpool 2 Movie.

*Most Important Before You Read Ahead!

Want To Know Deadpool? : Everything We Know So Far

Those who don’t know Fox Studios have gone ahead of everyone and confirmed Deadpool 2 Movie already before the movie hit theaters on February 12, 2016 but there is no casting info was released by Marvel or Fox on Deadpool 2.

But recently just 2 days back, Ryan Reynolds was signed for next blockbuster Deadpool 2 Movie as Deadpool aka Wade Wilson aka Merc With The Mouth. According to Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) Cable is the next big bad villain for Deadpool 2 but the actor who will play Cable hasn’t been confirmed by Studio till now.

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The Director – Tim Miller

Tim Miller director deapool 2

Yes! Tim Miller will direct Deadpool 2.

When Deadpool 2 was first confirmed by Trade Reports, It mentioned Screenwriters/Producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick would be back holding the pen and Ryan Reynolds would be returning to star in the sequel but there is only one name was left which is Who Will Direct Deadpool 2 Movie.

Those who don’t know about Tim Miller, He’s a debuting director of Deadpool and it’s a record for any movie which grossed over $750 Million in first on first move.

Definitely Fox will make a deal to bring the filmmaker back to Deadpool Family.

April 2011, Tim signed contract for directing Deadpool Movie and as we all know it’s his feature debuting direction movie, after they have created a test-footage that was ultimately leaked and led Deadpool getting the Green Light by Fans all around the world.

Like I Said, before, Now Deadpool Team is like a family and it would be a big surprise if he didn’t return to direct Deadpool 2.

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