JJ Abrams Surprising World By Droping Coverfield 2 Trailer…Well I’m a Bit Surprised Too!

Coverfield 2 Trailer 2016

JJ Abrams surprised all of us with New Coverfield Trailer which is just dropped by Paramount Pictures and after surprise Coverfield 2 Trailer drop now we knew what JJ Abrams was hiding from all of us in these past days.

Coverfield 2 Trailer 2016

Coverfield Movie was a horror flick as we all knew but in Coverfield 2 Trailer there is no such thing is captured by our eyes as we saw it but three frightened peoples are there who trapped or maybe hiding in a Bunker. I’m mean They’re prefer to stay in a Bunker rather than going outside. Now you understand..? 😛

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JJ Abrams Monster Movie will attack theaters on March 8, 2016.

Coverfield 2 Trailer! Watch Here!

Video Credits/Paramount Pictures

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