Conan Learned Tae Kwon Do In South Korea

Conan Learned Tae Kwon

Conan Learned Tae Kwon Do…& Now He’s a Expert In It! 😮

Don’t worry! I’m just joking! 😀 😛 But he really breaks wooden cards with his bare hands and you’ll be surprised to know that He breaks not 1, not 2 even 5 Wooden Cards straight lineup in just one fist,

Well, that’s incredible! for sure! even the master of Tae Kwon Do shocked after seeing Conan breaks 5 Wooden Cards in just 1 try.

Conan Learned Tae Kwon Do in South Korea we all know now but we’re pretty sure he’s break his hands too when he was breaking the wooden cards with his fits. 😛

Conan went on South Korea when a Die-Hard fan of Conan write a heartwarming letter to him, well not actually one she wrote two letters with same message in it, one in English and One is Korean Language. Not only this, she sent some Korean snacks and packets to Conan and after that Conan made a plan to visit South Korea and you won’t believe he’s trip to South Korea is totally a Joy Ride for all of us.

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Look what he did in Tae Kwon Do class! 😀

But before he was stepping into learning Tae Kwon Do, Conan sees some of the very epic and cool actions from Tae Kwon Do Team and then he went to rage after seeing a Women beating everyone and in Conan Words, He Said,

That’s Me In One Hour

Believe me, he didn’t mean it that way but he did it by smashing wooden cardboxes with his bare hands.

It must be a difficult job for a TV Host, Who just barely Enters in Arena and blowing everyone’s mind with his awesome skills.

You know what is the best things Conan had?

He can do anything Silly, Funny, Dangerous and he isn’t afraid to sacrifice himself for the sake of making people laugh!

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This Guy takes his job a little serious! Don’t You Think So?! 😀 😀 😛

Conan Learned Tae Kwon Do Moves! WOW!

Conan Learned Tae Kwon

Well Done! Conan

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