Why Christopher Nolan Should Direct The Batman After All? – Sign This Petition To Make It Happen

Because no one could understand The Dark Knight better than him

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Ben Affleck stepped back from the director’s chair and as of yesterday, Matt Reeves is also not directing The Batman. Now, the question is who will be the final director for The Batman? In my opinion, it should be Christopher Nolan.

There are so many reasons Nolan would be the perfect choice for another standalone Batman movie and the most effective among them is that he had given three classic Batman stories that are among the best Superhero movies ever made.

With this Batman movie, there are a lot of expectations for it to match the standards of Nolan’s Batman trilogy and even surpass it to become the greatest Batman story ever told.

Maybe, this was the pressure Ben Affleck knew he couldn’t handle and maybe he know that it’s not going to happen the way everyone is expecting because the greatest Batman movie ever made is already here and it’s called The Dark Knight, so basically, there is nothing left in this quest.

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But still, fans are always fans and they want a movie that would turn out to be the ultimate superhero movie, Christopher Nolan is the only hope left for us.

christopher nolan

Nolan doesn’t need to prove his superiority and abilities because he had already given the audience movie to wonder about. We just can’t forget the classy Inception which gave nightmares to people.

Another reason for him to do the movie is that he knows how to make perfect blockbuster movies with a great critical acclaim and he is a magnet who’s got the ability to attract watchers on the go.

In today’s world, if there is his name then the movie is already a hit for sure. His current project, Dunkirk, is set in World War II and he could only give his services after the movie is done.

And for the rebirth of DCEU, Nolan seems to be the only hope because The Flash movie is also not in good condition and Wonder Woman is also rumored to be a mess. Although, Justice League could revive some hope but it would be the solo movies that would ensure the future of DC Extended Universe is bright.

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I have started a petition on Change.org and request you to sign the petition if you agree with the cause and want a better DCEU and another great Batman movie.

You can click here to sign the petition and also, don’t forget to share it with as many people you can and make us reach the goal.

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