Chris Hemsworth Office Surprise On The Ellen Show Is Funny & Epic!

Chris Hemsworth Office Surprise

Chris Hemsworth Office Surprise Video is Epic & Funny. 😛

Chris Hemsworth has been crushing on Ellen lately and he showed up at the Ellen’s Office to surprise a Co-Worker who is obsessed with Chris Hemsworth.

There’s always something about Meeting Celebrities, no matter what! Superfans will be Superfans.

This is what we called a Feel Good Segment and you all knew how many times this show pulls numerous harmless pranks on people and made dreams come true.

Ghostbuster’s Movie Accountant Chris Hemsworth surprise his fans on Ellen Show in Accountant Department. Chris was promoting his upcoming movie Ghostbusters on The Ellen Show but Ellen took him in a different trip instead of Chit-Chat, they’ve decided to rock and roll with surprises.

Ellen Staff was surprised numerous time by actors, sports persons & politicians on Ellen Show but to surprise a fan in something awesome, and specially with his/her favorite actor.

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Chris Hemsworth Office Surprise

Chris Hemsworth office Surprise, How’s It? Did you like the video? Share your reactions and thoughts in comments!

Written by Vicky Saroha

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