China Gets Trolled On Twitter For Saying Its Soldiers Can Reach Delhi In 48 Hours

Really! Are You Sure?

China Gets Trolled - indian nuclear missle

China Gets Trolled on twitter for saying its Soldiers can reach Delhi in 48 Hours and paratroops in just 10 Hours if a war broke out.

Of course, Indians gave them a much-needed reality check.

The last time when India went to war with China, it was in 1962 and the last few years have only made relations between India and China much worse.

A Chinese Media channel Spectator Index put out a tweet claiming that Chinese motorized troops can reach New Delhi in just 48 hours and its paratroops in 10. Here’s the tweet,

China Gets Trolled gets a savage reality check by Indians on Twitter. And here’s how Indians reacted,


 Indians Right Now

China Gets Trolled - indian nuclear missle
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