Charlie Hunnam Won’t Return For Pacific Rim 2

Charlie Hunnam

The 2013 sci-fi action movie Pacific Rim is having a sequel and we all know it but there is a bad news because Charlie Hunnam won’t reprise his role of Raleigh Becket in Pacific Rim 2.

The original movie showed big robots having a fight against as big monsters and everybody loved it. Since then a sequel is on the list but something gets in the way every time.

First, it was slated for April 2017 release but then was suddenly removed and almost all the hopes were gone in a flash until this February it was revived with a new director.

John Boyega is already cast in the movie who appeared in Star Wars The Force Awakens too.

Charlie was also supposed to reprise his role as the hero but at San Diego Comic Con 2016 he revealed that he won’t be able to serve in Pacific Rim 2 because of date issues.

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He said that he couldn’t manage to be present for the shooting so he is not coming back for the sequel.

The 36 years old British actor is well known for his TV series Sons of Anarchy and several movies in the likes of Green Street, Cold Mountain, and The Ledge. He will be seen in King Arthur too.

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