When M.S. Dhoni Forgot That He Was Not The Captain And Demanded a Review Instead of Virat Kohli

No doubt Virat is good but Dhoni was born a captain.

dhoni captain demanded review

Former Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni forgot for a split second that he was not the captain anymore and demanded a review instead of Virat Kohli.

At the end of 27th over Dhoni took Eoin Morgan catch and appealed but the Umpire said not out and Dhoni then demanded a review.

This is awkward because Dhoni is not the captain anymore and he can’t ask for the review but he did it anyway.

Kohli saw that Dhoni was confident and went for the review and it proved to be the right decision made by M.S. Dhoni even though he forgot he was not in charge anymore.

Watch the video here.


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