Captain America Civil War : Review (Non-Spoilers)

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Captain America Civil War Review Is Here!

Don’t be panic at all our Captain America Civil War Review is totally spoilers free, so feel free to read on.

As, you all knew that we’ve posted a another article which includes Initial Captain America Civil War Early Screenings Reactions from Critics and now after that being said, Here is the official Captain America Civil War Review which is of course Non-Spoilers.

Cap : “Sorry, Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any another choice. But he’s my friend….”

Iron Man : “So Was I”…

You’ve heard these lines many times before in Civil War Trailers but this particular line has a meaning itself and you’ll find out why it’s one of the most important and heartwarming lines ever coming from Civil War.

After seeing the movie we can assure you that it can live-up to the hype. I went into Civil War with high expectations and i was absolutely blown away by what we got in this movie.

Civil War is not likely a Dark, Fun or Political Story of Government trying to control Earth Mightiest Heros but it’s a mixture of every bit, it’s Dark, Greedy, Fun, Political and lighthearted at once.

Yeah! Civil War is the full package…!

Now, Russo Brothers had a massive task in juggling the characters in this one film and we don’t really know what will happen when Avengers Infinity War Part 1 takes place which has (confirmed) over 67 Characters in a 2 hours and 30 Minutes movie (Running Time, Expected).

The Story Works Perfectly

Captain America Civil War Review

Everyone was like can this movie live-up to Marvel Standard and other great hits like Captain America Winter Soldier, Avengers & Iron Man?

Well, here is your answer, it just doesn’t live-up to that hype even it exceeds them and you already knew that Director Russo Brothers can twist and turned every boring story into a master piece but in that case the story works perfectly and it’s a very good film, that’s for sure.

It’s also important to know that Civil War is no Avengers, despite being so crowdy and has a great story but still it’s no Avengers or nor Captain America Winter Soldier, it’s a completely different movie apart from them.

Captain America Civil War is Captain America 3 movie we all know that but it’s not at all about Captain America and it’s not Avengers too, it’s something that crosses every line of being fantastic and awesome and hints us a possibility that most of us can’t even think of.

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Ant Man Was One of The Best Thing In Civil War

Ant Man Joy-Riding Hawkeye's Arrow
source/Marvel Studios

As you all already knew that there are some new recruits to the movie, and First Time Making an Appearance in a Marvel Movie Spider Man & Black Panther steals the show completely but the one who also debuting in Avengers, also steals the show and currently is one of the best thing in Captain America Civil War.

You can’t really expect a character shine in between Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain America & Black Panther but surprise surprise! Ant Man is surely one of the best thing in this movie and you’re gonna love every bit of his presence in the film.

*Spoilers Alert!

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Spider Man Steals the Show!

Tom Holland Spider Man in civil war

Remember when James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy) posted a video in which he revealed that Spider Man is the Robert Downey Jr. of Iron Man in CIVIL WAR?

If didn’t here is the article for you! – According To James Gunn, Tom Holland’s Spider Man Is Like Robert Downey Jr. of Iron Man

Well, It’s true, we’re getting our best Spider Man so far in Civil War and you’re gonna love what he did it Civil War despite being recruiting in Team Iron Man.

For years, Every Spider Man fans have argued that Tobey Maguire is the best Spider Man we’ve ever saw!

Well after Watching Civil War & Spider Man in this movie you’re going to change your mind for sure because he’s the best thing in Civil War and undeniable the best Spider Man of all time.

Whether he’s playing Peter Parker or is suited up as Spider Man, he blows the others and steals the show by his action and performance.

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Civil War Airport Fight Scene Is Like Batman v Superman Fight!

Soldiers Charge teamcap vs teamiron man
source/Marvel Studios

What i’m trying to say here is that I could watch Civil War Airport Fight Scene over and over again and surely it’s as good as Batman v Superman Final Fight.

Okay! maybe not that good or that level but still it’s pretty good fight scene with loads of Earth Mightiest Superheros throwing stuff at each other.

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Visual Effects played a very important role in Civil War and you’re not being able to point any mistakes in VFX because it is done by professional and it’s very expensive too which makes Civil War is one of the most expensive movie ever in Cinematic Universe.

Friendship Between Bucky & Cap Is Heart Warming!

mother name logic in bvs and civil war

The bond between Cap & Bucky is the key in the movie as we’re already knew the relationship between Cap & Bucky in previous movies like Captain America The First Avengers and after Captain America Winter Soldier and the story continues in Civil War too and it’s explain all of your question, Why Bucky is running from Government and Why he’s still made at Cap and what turns Cap that he’s accepting everything, for his friend and tries each and everything to save his best friends live.

We can see Bucky & Cap’s relationship is re-connecting in Civil War and it’s one of the best & heartwarming relationship between two best friends of old days and even another Centuries.

Civil War does what no film has ever done before, i really want to see this movie again and i don’t think you also don’t want to miss a highly entertaining movie.

So, See You in theaters on May 6.

Here is our Captain America Civil War Review Final Summary and overview ratings! Feel free to share your ratings for this movie too, if you watched it early? You can add your own Captain America Civil War Review In user-ratings too.

Share your thoughts & view regarding Captain America Civil War in comments!

Captain America Civil War Review Is Here! Don't be panic at all our Captain America Civil War Review is totally spoilers free, so feel free to read on. As, you all knew that we've posted a another article which includes Initial Captain America Civil War Early Screenings Reactions from Critics…

Captain America Civil War : Review

Visual Effects


Civil War Is a Fantastic Story covered with Earth Mightiest Superheros perfectly. It's Dark, Fun, Light Hearted & Awesome Movie.

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