Captain America Civil War – Every 13 Movie Characters Power Ranking

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Captain America Civil War is yet another superhero movie in which a bunch of superheroes battles with each other in a deadly battle. If you saw the trailer of Captain America Civil War, you’ll found that War Machine is down in the trailer as well as Iron Man left alone in the deadly fight between Captain America & Iron Man.

It’s a kind of movie, that is very rare in making and hardly found to see, Tell me where would you see Iron Man punching Cap’s face with the Boom!!! & Vice-Versa. It’s a once in lifetime superhero movie.

Wondering who is the toughest Superhero in the Civil War? & Who is the weakest? and Which character are yet to fully realize their powers? Here is the list of Every 13 Movie Characters of Captain America Civil War.

They’re called the Earth Mightiest Superheros but unfortunately some are mightier than others and in order to Evil Strikes on Earth, here are out the list to determined who should be assembled first.

13. Black Panther

Black Panther Costume
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The Ruler & King of African Nation Wakanda is arguably is the most powerful character in Civil War but in Physical Power Ranking, Black Panther is likely to be relatively Powerless as compared with other Mightiest Superheroes in the movie. Obviously, he’s the head of an entire country and has power which is able to defeat Avengers alone and in Marvel Comic Universe Black Panther defeated the entire Avengers but again when Comes to Physical Power, it seems like he’s powerless along with other Earth Mightiest Superheros.

The Reason behind that is when it comes to choosing between the Avengers and Wakanda, obviously the nation he rules somewhere divided his loyalties and his appearance and disappearance reflects the team too.

Black Panther has a tremendous power of Virtue and Integrity. No Doubt!

12. Crossbones

crossbones in civil war
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Crossbones is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who revealed himself to be working for H.Y.D.R.A. in last Captain America Movie. He’s crushed in the end of the movie between the Crash of SHIP and Building when he was fighting with Falcon.

He’s back in Captain America Civil War and he’s probably the Strongest Villain ever faced by Captain America but not by a long shot. Rumors show that he’ll probably be seen in the opening scene of Civil War and when it comes to Destruction Crossbones is the one who can do it without any hesitation. In Captain America Winter Soldier, he was without his powers but in Civil War, you’ll see him with his special powers which obviously come from H.Y.D.R.A.

11. Falcon

Falcon vs War Hammer CIVIL WAR New Entry Battle Poster
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Falcon aka Sam Wilson who took up Falcon Suit in Captain America Winter Soldier is yet to come into his own. He’s one of the superheroes in the Avengers who is yet to discover his full superpowers.

In Marvel Comic Universe, Falcon has his full superpowers in which Tony Stark’s role is the greatest. He’s the one who updated his armor and gave him extra weapons and technique. But in the movie, Falcon is yet to discover his full powers and maybe in Civil War he will succeed to discover some of his powers.

Falcon has recently seen in Ant-Man movie in which Ant-Man and Falcon are fighting with each other and the fight was ended with a little bit embarrassing.

When it comes to Liability, Falcon is the one who really seems to deliver half of the time to Cap.

10. War Machine

war hammer aka war machine in captain america civil war
source/marvel studios

James Rhodey Rhodes aka War Machine is the sidekick of Iron Man and he has been at it as long as Iron Man because When Tony Stark made his second armor suit in his house he made one armor suit for his friend Kernel James Rhodes which later known as the War Machine.

War Machine armor is obviously made by Tony Stark but Rhodes made some upgrade in his armor with some powerful guns and rockets. If you look closely, War Machine has appeared in every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie but in Civil War, he’s the one marvel movie characters who showed dead in arms of Iron Man in the trailer.

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War Machine armor is surely heavy than Iron Man and that’s why his armed suit makes him slower than Iron Man.

As, some of the other Marvel Movie Characters, War Machine is packed with a bunch of power punches. You’ll get to see his punches in Civil War.

9. Ant-Man

Best Action Movies of 2015 ant man
source/marvel studios

Ant-Man made his debut with his recent solo movie Ant-Man in which he’s still struggled to terms with his powers and knowing them.

Ant-Man is known to be a genius in the comic universe but in Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s still a learner. Obviously, Ant-Man hasn’t been around for too long, he’s new to Marvel Superheros in Cinematic Universe but it doesn’t mean that he’s the weakest superhero in the unit.

Well, if look closely he’s the one who can handle entire Marvel Comic Universe, He Can fight with the Thanos (Marvel Toughest and Most Dangerous Villain) and in the comic universe, he was seen fighting with Thanos. Maybe, He’ll be seen in Avengers Infinity Wars because it all about Thanos and Avengers can’t take over on Thanos alone. They surely need some help from other Marvel Superheros too.

When it comes to power ranking he’s the one who can beat the greatest superheroes in no time. His fight with Falcon in the Ant-Man movie is the proof that he can beat each and every single Avengers and if you don’t know, He’s an Avenger Too. Ant-Man can possibly be seen in the Civil War fighting with the superheroes and that scenes surely will look more interesting than his fight with the Falcon alone.

8. Hawkeye

source/marvel studios

Hawkeye aka Barton is one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire Marvel Comic Universe but in Marvel Cinematic Universe, his movie character is shown pretty much disappointment to us but we can say that he’s one of the reliable and consistent superhero in Avengers Team.

Barton was seen probably most of MCU Movies which makes him a lethal addition to any team. Although despite being such an impressive skills and hawkeye vision he’s still a human and he occasionally made some Injustice in the first Avengers Movie but luckily in Avengers Age of Ultron he’s made his appearance deserved.

Hawkeye neither possess Intelligence of Tony Stark or nor the raw power of Captain America but his skills and his vision boosts his powerful ranking higher than other marvel movie characters.

7. Black Widow

Black Widow vs Ant Man & Hawkeye CIVIL WAR New Entry Battle Poster
source/movie stuff

Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff is another Human Being in Avengers Team but despite being Human her power ranking is pretty much higher than most of the Avengers Team Members. Obviously, she doesn’t possess any superpowers but she’s injected with some dose of super serum and that is pretty much made her one of the toughest and powerful superhero movie character.

She’s an expert in Hand to Hand combat and she was able to regularly keep up fighting when combat begins which made her a badass superhero despite being she’s a Human.

She can keep up with Marvel Biggest Guns Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man in Combat which surely a pretty tough job to keep up with such most powerful superheroes.

6. Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier
source/marvel studios

Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier is one of the toughest deadliest assassins in the Marvel Universe. He’s fought with Captain America in Winter Soldier movie is the proof that he is the deadliest assassin in the whole MCU and next Captain America Movie named Captain America Civil War is all around with Bucky Barnes.

Bucky Barnes is the master in hand to hand combat like Black Widow and can handle any weapons without any fear or hesitation in combat. He’s an incredible dangerous character to have around in a war and trust me! the one too who shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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5. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch vs Vision CIVIL WAR New Entry Battle Poster
source/marvel studios

She’s a wild card entry in Avengers Age of Ultron Movie. She has some of the unknown superpowers Like control minds and blast things in air or recently she was seen flying too in the Captain America Civil War Trailer. She’s the one who wouldn’t necessarily choose sides in the Civil War but if she did, she’s one of the most dangerous people to have around.

There are no real limits of her powers which make her one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4. Vision

Vsion Role In Captain America Civil War
source/marvel studios

Another Tony Stark creation but helped by Bruce Banner in making, he’s surely the most powerful in all of the Avengers but still he’s a robot with an Infinity Stone (Universe One of the most powerful weapons). He can lift Thor’s Hammer and has unique and undiscoverable powers hidden in the infinity stones make him special & powerful movie character in MCU.

3. Spider-Man

 Spider Man in civil war
source/marvel studios

The only Man who can stop the Fight Between Iron Man and Captain America in Civil War that’s why Marvel hasn’t shown him in the first trailer. Spider-Man is one of the greatest and most powerful superheroes in the whole MCU. Wasn’t he?

2. Iron Man

Iron Man vs Captain America CIVIL WAR New Entry Battle Poster

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is a Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist and a major power player in the MCU. Wasn’t he?

He’s a Human Being but despite being a Human he has everything and anything that a man wants to live his life peacefully but rather than enjoying his wealth, fortune, and large empire, he choose to be a Philanthropist and with his Incredible IQ that allows him to get out any situations within no time surely made him one of the greatest.

He’s the founding member of Avenger in both the Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s obviously a major part of the team but the Avengers have frequently done just fine without him.

Not to mention but Iron Man is the first MCU superhero in Comic as well as Cinematic Universe, and Captain America is the first Avenger in the MCU.

1. Captain America

Captain America in Civil War
source/movie stuff

One biggest misunderstanding in the MCU is that some thinks that He’s the leader of the Avengers but in Real, He’s not. Iron Man is the leader of the Avengers but in Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America shows the leader of the Avengers.

Surely, Captain ‘Steve Rogers’ America is the toughest and most powerful superhero in the Civil War. Trust me if the one guy who you doesn’t want to fight is Captain America. He’s the first avenger and the first super soldier too who can take a hit, after hit, after hit and his never give up quality make him an exception. He’s a pro in Hand to Hand Combat. He can fight with any other Avengers single handed except Thor and Hulk 😛 They’re like pretty damn tough to handle single handed, other than any Avengers Movie Characters, he can handle perfectly.

A Born Leader and Soldier, it’s hard to tackle him and there is no limit of his superpowers as he was made to take hits after hits. He’s a true Soldier and no matter what he will serve his country.

There are many Marvel Superheros that have more potential superpowers than Captain America but trust me, they aren’t quite in control like Captain Steve Rogers.

He can fight with each and every single superhero in this list and still find a way to defeat them, He’s a genuinely True Soldier and his Shield which is made of World’s Strongest Metal ‘Adamantium’ is a plus point to his abilities.

What do you think about these Most Powerful Superheros of MCU in Captain America Civil War? Which is your favorite Superhero? Shout out in comments!

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