Beyoncé Sued For $20 Million For Copyright Infringement On “Formation”


It seems like singer Beyonce‘s stars are not aligned well. The singer has been sued for using the voice of New Orleans rapper Messy Mya, who was shot dead in 2010.

In a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by the estate of New Orleans, Beyonce is accused of using the voice of Messy Mya in her latest and super-hit song, Formation without any legal permission.

A lawsuit of $20 million has been filed on her claiming that Messy’s voice was used at “What happened at the New Orleans?” and also at “B**** I am back by popular demand.”

She and the music studio has been demanded $20M for willful copyright infringement, unfair trade practices, false endorsement, and unjust enrichments.

Here’s the official video song “Formation” by Beyonce –


[Via- BreitBart]
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