Batman vs Superman Movie Trailer 2 Is Finally Out! Check Out How Amazing It Is

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Video Credits : Warner Bros Pictures

Warner today unleashed the Monster with the second trailer for the upcoming DC Comics Cinematic Universe movie Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice being screened for thousands of fans at the annual San Diago Comic Con and moments later Batman vs Superman Trailer 2 is hitting on the Internet.


If you have grown tired of the Colourful world of Marvel, this New Footage shown off From the DC Universe is Gritty.


In the First Batman vs Superman Trailer there are few Glimpse were Seen during full Trailer but in the Second Batman vs Superman Trailer DC Universe unveiled the Big Plot details along with an incrediable amount of New Footage.


We all were waiting for this incrediable Superman vs Batman Fighting Scenes and In the Second Trailer not only it gives us a look at Batman and Superman fighting but we Get to see Lex Luthor and Wonder Women.


The Second Trailer starts off with the Words from Holly Hunter who is playing a U.S. Senator seeking Justice for Superman’s Destruction of Metropolis.


There are Protestors outside the Supreme Court with Signs ‘ Earth Belongs to Humans’ and ‘This is Our World Not Yours’ and Many more. Look!

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We see the destruction of Superman’s Fight with the General Zod from Bruce Wayne’s Perspective. He screams loud and running through the streets and fire’s Everywhere.


A Building starts collapse as terrified citizens runs from the Danger then Bruce Runs towards the building, until he’s engulfed by a Cloud of Dust.


When the cloud emerges he’s holding a Girl while Looking at the Sky in anger (He Looks very pissed off at that moment)


And then a Quick flashback, the shot cut to Batman in his mansion Holding a piece of paper written ‘You Let Your Family Die’. Meanwhile Alfred starts talking.


Bruce Wayne¬†stares at his Batsuit and he begin to leave his mark. He has only one Goal Now To Kill Superman and then We’vd Seen Batman and Superman starting Fight on the Roof of a House.


In shots of Trailer, Superman saves Astronauts from a failed Rocket Launch holding up the Capsule before it could be blown to Bits.


In other shots of Trailer we’vd seen a family sits on the Roof of a House as a flood rages through their Neighbourhood. The house has a Superman ‘S‘ Sign written on the Top of the Roof and How Amazing it looks when you seen this. Look!

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There is Lex Luthor also which is played by Jesse Eisenberg, who has a luscious head of hair and he’s talking to Senator.


A Hand opens up a Bag only to clearify that Supeman Kills General Zod which is looks all white and Ghostly.


The Next few Shots were seen Batman in his Power Armor which is build up for Batman’s Protection against Superman.


There is a shot in which DC Universe introduces the Wonder Women First in his Civilian Outfit and then in Her Wonder Women Costume.


And Finally the Face-off of Batman and Superman on Batman’s Batmobile. This looks History itself making. You Have To look at that One.


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Images Source : Warner Bros Pictures/YouTube

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