Batman Recruits Flash In This Scene From Justice League Movie!

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Justice League is one movie we all are waiting for since its announcement. Warner Bros are making it really secretively but a scene has been revealed which describes the first meeting. In this scene Batman recruits Flash in his apartment.

Batman Recruits Flash
Image: Batman-news

Zack Snyder however said that they are making this movie as a whole but there would be two parts of it. The movie is being made at a very good pace and those who have had a set visit recently know it as well.

This scene is when Batman recruits Flash to be a part of the Justice League after he saw him on the video he found in Lex Luthor’s database.

Let’s focus on the scene –

In the scene, Barry (Flash) returns to his apartment which is filled with TVs. He turns on a fuse box to bring back the light and when he walks in, he finds Bruce Wayne sitting on a chair.

Bruce Says –

Barry Allen, I’m Bruce Wayne

Barry replies –

You say that like it explains why you’re sitting in my place in the dark in my second favorite chair.

Bruce now stand up from the chair holding that screenshot from BvS of Flash and asks him if he knows him.

Barry Allen says –

That’s someone who looks exactly like me but it isn’t me. He looks like a very attractive boy. He drinks milk, though, I don’t drink milk.

Bruce then tells him that he has got some special skills to which he replies –

Sure. I can code. I know sign language. Gorilla sign language.

Bruce Wayne then looks at a costume of flash and says –

And This?

Barry replies very quickly,

I’m into competitive ice-dancing.

Bruce uses his detective skills and very quickly notices the ceramic plates on his suit which are used on Space-shuttles to prevent them from high damage and burn-up.

Bruce with a very satirical markup says –

Very competitive ice-dancing.

Now to test Flash, Bruce throws a Batrang at him. Everything is in fast mode except for Barry who very easily dodges it. Now he slowly, looks at Bruce and plucks out the Batrang in air and everything turns to normal speed.

Batman Recruits Flash
Image: ScreenRant

Barry asks Bruce –

You’re the Batman! Can I keep this? (Batrang)

Bruce replies –

You’re fast!

Barry replies very bluntly , –

I think that’s underselling it.

Then Bruce tells him about his plan, and says –

I’m gathering people with special abilities. There’s a great enemy coming.

Barry shows his flash accent and quickly says , –

I’m in.

Bruce is shocked with such a quick reply,

Barry continues,

I need friends.

End of the scene!

BvS was a very dark film and it received many negative reviews for that so it was obvious that Snyder would like things to be a bit light toned. Flash is promised to bring us the funny one liners and the laughter too.

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What’re your views on this scene where Batman recruits Flash!

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