Batman Will Have His No Killing Code Back In Justice League – Ben Affleck

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Now we all familiar with Ben Affleck’s Batman in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and believe me or not that was so harsh and violent than our normal Batman, the Batman we wish, we finally got in Batman v Superman the more violent and clearly the most badass Batman we’ve ever seen in DC Extended Universe but here is the question, Ben Affleck’s Batman is the ultimate Batman we need but he’s clearly not the one people deserve, Batman was recognized due to his No Killing Code, and his brilliance, trusting no one, no matter who’s he or she, he’s one man army.

Good News Folks! we are getting our old Batman back with his No Killing Code in Justice League and that’s all possible because of Superman’s Ultimate Selfless Sacrifice for Humans, completely changed Batman and recently on press tour of Justice League set visit, Ben Affleck reveals that’s he’s coming back with his No Killing Code, here is the official quote he said,

“Batman definitely went to a very dark place but he’s no longer sort of extreme in that way, that was rooted in trauma that occurred to people that he loved and worked with and what he saw. This movie is not about that issue for him so much anymore.”

The death of Robin and Destruction of Metropolis during the event of Man of Steel, Ben Affleck’s Batman was one unhappy and that’s that you get when you pissed off Batman but as you can see now, he’s no longer extreme in that way and Justice League is not about his Anger issues, this is something else and according to what we learned you might get a much lighter tone this time in Justice League.

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The Dawn of Justice League starts here. DC has now learned the lesson after Batman v Superman, and they have announced that Justice League is not the Batman v Superman, you’ll get a Much lighter tone movie this time from Warner Bros and that’s all we want to hear it. Right?

Throughout the Dawn of Justice, the darkness was pretty much high and even Bruce Wayne did compare himself and Alfred to Criminals but in the end of the movie, everything changed and in the closing shot of the movie, he insisted to Wonder Women

“Men are still good”

and they agreed to form Justice League.

but the question is still here, Why is this No Killing Code a good thing and very important for Batman’s character?

Well, for someone consumed by rage and vengeance, it’s a somewhat ironic and refreshing notion that he isn’t prepared to cross that final barrier of murder and it’s stance against murder that’s what sets him apart from other and made him a hero or a Superhero.

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Well, the final question for you, Are you happy with Batman’s return to No Killing Code?

Ben Affleck Batman won't have a future after justice league movies
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