The Batman Movie – Fans Petition For Zack Snyder To Direct The Solo Batman Movie

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Not so long ago, there were petitions asking Warner Bros. to drop Zack Snyder from the DCEU along with Justice League part 1 and part 2. It happened after the critics slammed the most anticipated movie of the year 2016, Batman v Superman. The question is who will direct the Batman movie after the confirmation of Ben Affleck not directing it?

Many people wouldn’t agree with the petition because there were so many flaws in Batman v Superman as listed by the critics and especially Rotten Tomatoes that the movie was way too dark and it had this and that and all. But my personal opinion was that Batman v Superman was a great superhero rendition and it really settled down the DCEU regardless of all the bad reviews critics gave.

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It is unfair to criticize and defame any movie on the basis of the darkness and lesser involve of comedy. The fans knew what they were going to watch and they watched the movie and $800+ Million is not a collection of a flop movie at all.

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Batman v Superman paid off for the bad reviews and most of the credit goes to Rotten Tomatoes for the bad collection in the end. Film critics nowadays are being so biased that barely someone spares from them.

We have never seen a bad review of a Marvel movie even though the movie is really a crap (like the Hulk movies). Every single Marvel movie was well rated by the so-called critics.

Even the early speculations of Wonder Woman and Justice League being a mess looks like a conspiracy. People are definitely jealous of the love and respect DC movies get.

If you also believe that Zack Snyder should direct the Batman movie then sign this petition and be a part of the revolution. And if you think that it is a bad idea after the so-called failure of BvS then you can avoid it.

But personally, I feel that Zack Snyder should helm the director’s chair because all the other movies will relate to the Justice League movies and the differences of creativeness could be a problem for them.

Sign the petition here!

Source: (via ScreenRant)

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