Apple iPhone X: How much it costs Apple To Actually Make One

Apple is always in news for one thing or the other. The latest is the revelation of Apple iPhone X which is, by all means, a spectacular phone but is ridiculously high priced as well. You can get a clue about its price as the base model with 64Gb storage is priced at $999 (roughly 65000rs) in the USA and in India, the price goes up to 89000Rs.

You may say that they are including a brilliant Face ID tech so it had to be priced so high but what if I say that they make a profit of around 64% on each unit of iPhone X sold (base model)? You wouldn’t believe me, I know.

According to a report by TechInsights, it costs Apple around 24000Rs to manufacture a single unit of the base model of Apple iPhone X. Please note that the manufacturing cost is excluding of labour and other few costs.

But still, it would cost Apple no more than 28000Rs to fully manufacture a single unit of iPhone X 64GB and what they charge for it is more than double the cost.

For iPhone 8, it costs them around 19000Rs to make a single unit of it and they are selling it at around 64000Rs for the base model, which again increases the margin of profit to more than double.

Apple iPhone X

For the display, it costs Apple around $66 for the display of iPhone X which is almost twice of what it costs them for iPhone 8 which is around $35.

There are no questions that it is the most powerful smartphone in the world right now but it surely isn’t as expensive as they have made it.

So, now the question is on you. Are you planning to buy the Apple iPhone X? There’s no harm in liking and sharing the article with your friends, it would only increase their knowledge. Have a nice day! 🙂

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