Air Pollution: Two People Die Every Minute Due To It In India

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Study: As the global warming is increasing every day, pollution is becoming a major factor in causing trouble to human health. Air pollution is among the leading factors of death in India. Two people die every minute due to air pollution in India.

As per Lancet, a million people die in India every year due to air pollution and Delhi is amongst the most polluted city in the world right now.

According to the survey, approximately 2.7 million newly born suffer from involvement with pm2.5 which is extremely injurious and if that exceeds the limit could result in death.

two people die every minute

Also, approximately 18000 people die every day due to air pollution in India alone or in other words, two people die every minute.

Billions of dollars are spent every year to reduce pollution worldwide and India also has a large budget for fighting pollution. But it all falls in front of nature and the deeds are slowly paying off.

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It is also stated as the single most significant factor of a natural cause of death and is expected to increase the radiant effect in the near future as no one seems too serious about it.

However, according to a guideline from Delhi Supreme Court, a schedule is made for Delhi which is further categorized in levels of pm2.5 and other harmful substances.

two people die every minute

Those guidelines would be followed from now on in the capital and we hope that other states also inherit these guidelines and even encourage the citizens to use public transport.

As citizens, it is our duty to control ourselves and our deeds and start using public transport so that pollution could be minimized to some extent at least.

We should take a pledge today so that those who die due to this unfair mean would die no more and the world would be saved again.

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