7 Reasons You Should Always Believe In Love

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We do a lot of strange things in our lives and loving is amongst the topmost priority. But at some point, that love hurts us. Then we stop believing in love and starts thinking that it’s a waste of time and nothing else. But that’s not the right thing to do. So we are here with 10 reasons for you to believe in love again. Let’s start.

1. Because love is something that never gets old (if it’s true)

We all have been in love at some point in our lives and then we just stop there and are like that person is all we are made for. But most of the times, the affection that looked so blazing in the first 6 months starts fading off and after some time, that love also gets lost somewhere.

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Now, the above scenario is only about the affection or just attraction. True love never fades away and it’s intensity always increases with time and it’s fresher as the time passes.

2. Because love is the only thing that never hurts

It is true that love doesn’t hurt. It never did. It’s the person we loved who hurt us. And not everyone is same. In fact, love is the only thing that keeps us alive and fresh.

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Many people say that they don’t believe in love anymore because love hurt them before.

For them,

It’s not love that hurts, it’s the unnecessary expectations and disbelief that hurts. It’s the blind faith that hurts. Love doesn’t hurt, it heals.

3. Because love always motivates to do something great

Love is a great motivator. In fact, it’s amongst the best motivators. It gives us strength to not give up when things get tough. It gives us the hope and that target to do something for.

It makes us realize that someone’s life is also connected with our decisions and helps us make better choices.

4. Because love helps you realize your true self

It is said that even the evilest of a person can change for better if he gets enough love. Love changes people and their life. It has the power to turn an evil man good.

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This might seem very filmy, but it’s true that love changes almost everything.

Love is the only thing that can transcend the space and time. Life and death.

5. Because it’s better to love than to regret later

Believe in love, even when you don’t because one day you will regret it. It’s always better to do and fail than to never try.

Believe in love, believe in the absoluteness of love. Even when it’s hard to find yourself, let love find you.

6. Because you will get a reason to go on in life

When we don’t get love or when we are not loved back, we somehow lose hope to keep going in life. But then, love itself is a reason to keep moving in life.

You’ll find love in the most unexpected place at the most unexpected time with the most unexpected person.

7. Because in the end, love is the only thing that matters

You might earn a million dollars or buy a big bungalow or a Lamborghini or become the richest person on this planet, but the only thing that you will miss in your life is love.

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Believe in love


Every successful person has agreed to the fact that after getting all, they missed the love. And what they crave for at last is love.

Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite fear, the strength so sure mere force is feebleness: the truth more first than sun, more last than stars. –

E.E Cummings

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Written by Jinu Saroha

Jinu Saroha

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