A 50 Km Traffic Jam Was Seen In China Yesterday & The Reason Will Shock You

Imagine 50 Km Long-Traffic-Jam!

50 Km Traffic Jam china

A 50 Km Traffic Jam was seen in China, Yesterday when People returned from a week-long holiday.

Obviously, people were irritated after they were stranded a 50Km long traffic jam. The Beijing-Hong Kong expressway was filled with cars hoping to get back home but they were stuck for hours in a long chain of traffic.

China is currently going through a 40-day-long Lunar New Year travel rush, which kicked off on January 13 as people headed home to spend the holidays with their families.

china traffic jam
Image Source/Indiatimes

Across the country, people were left stuck in their vehicles as people returned home before the first working day of the New Year.

Source – IANS

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