34 Upcoming Superheros Movies Marvel, DC & Fox Planned Until 2020

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Upcoming Superheros Movies … Marvel, Fox & DC Unite! 😮

I’m mean Every Superhero Movies Future Plans Are Here whether it’s Marvel, DC or Fox!

Here is all 34 Upcoming Superheros Movies that are planned to release until 2020 by DC, Fox, and Marvel.

Now, every Cinematic Universe launches its plans for upcoming future and believe me, it’s a real joy, Entertainment, and fun when you get to know that there are 34 movies which are going to release in next 4 years from every big universe including Marvel, DC & Fox Studios.

Every Superhero movie is proving that they can make bank at the box offices after Marvel started the party with Iron Man in 2008 and DC is just getting started with 2013 Man of Steel and now 2016 Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

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But Fox studios shocked everyone with it’s latest release Deadpool and it’s breaking every record on box offices and currently it is the highest grosser r-rated movie of all time in Cinematic Universe.

Marvel, DC & Fox Upcoming Superheros Movies Till 2020 😮 😀

However, that’s not the end of it! Check out these 34 Upcoming Superheros Movies which is scheduled to release until 2020 by biggest Universes in the business.

34. Captain America Civil War – May 6, 2016

Captain America Civil War Trailer poster
source/marvel studios

Marvel’s biggest movie of 2016 is here and clearly it’s only 3 weeks away from us but as you all knew Marvel already premier it in some places and the Initial Reaction of Captain America Civil War are worth watching.

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The story leads as Captain Steve Rogers leading the newly formed team of Avengers and their continued efforts to safeguard humanity but the incident which are done in past is prelude and now Government wants to take down the Avengers and forcing them to register with the Government but Cap doesn’t think that way, he still thinks the safest hands are still their own but Iron Man doesn’t agree with Cap in this matter and that conflicts between Superheros leads to Civil War.

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Thank God! Hulk & Thor isn’t in Civil War because as you all knew they can end this war before it even started! 😛

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