20 Savage Comebacks To Terrible Texts That Will Make You Laugh Harder

The world is a funny place!

savage comebacks

Have you ever been in a place where someone creeps the hell out of you through their terrible pickup lines? I guess we all had been through this. Today, we are here with 20 savage comebacks against the creepy, terrible pickup lines that will make your tummy laugh harder.

These savage comebacks have everything it takes to shut the other person’s mouth. Originally posted on BoredPanda, we at StoryShouter bring you these amazing and hilarious comebacks from people that were way too smart for the moment.

And keep your eyes open and your mind processing because who knows when you will need some help from these epic comebacks.

Let’s start!


savage comebacks

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Written by Jinu Saroha

Jinu Saroha

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