20 Best Action Movies of 2015 – Worst to Best

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2015 is coming to it’s end, and our list of Best Action Movies of 2015 is also ended today after Star Wars The Force Awakens release and now we’re ready for 2015, Best Action Movies, ranked Worst to Best in this list of 20 Best 2015 Action Movies.

We’ve listed Best Action Movies of 2015 with Box-Office Collection Reports and Worldwide Collection Income too and explain each and every movie why they’re getting the Spot on our 20 Best Action Movies of 2015 list.

We’ve got some final massive box office smashing movies like Star Wars The Force Awakens who destroyed Box-Office every benchmarks and become the 1st Highest Opening Weekend Grosser Movie of the year 2015. Previously that record was holding by Jurassic World which is came this year too and now here are the result after clash of 2015 Biggest Actions Movies.

Many of High Budget movies arrives with lots of CGI as thundering disappointments but some survived which has brilliant stuff and fans loves these movies for some reasons.

Best Action Movies of 2015 – Ranked, Worst to Best

 20. American Ultra

Best Action Movies of 2015 american ultra

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart 2015 American Ultra has grossed over $14 Million USD Worldwide. Some of Action Sequences really performed,…perfectly and the movie ended up getting #20 Spot on our list of Best Action Movies 2015.

19. Insurgent

Best Action Movies of 2015 insurgent

The Divergent Series Movie, Insurgent has grossed over $130 Million USD Worldwide and not to mention after watching Divergent, you’ll knew How Great the action is.

18. Tomorrowland

Best Action Movies of 2015 tomorrowland
source/walt disney

Tomorrowland a sci-fi, adventure and action genre movie which entertain us all and gives us something new idea’s for beyond reality and our perspectives.

Disney’s Tomorrowland Movie has grossed over $94 Million Worldwide.

17. The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2

Best Action Movies of 2015 the hunger games mockingjay part 2

The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2 has grossed over $256 Million worldwide and now looks like they’re are packed up ending the Franchise too.

Do we see a another Hunger Games Movie…Hmm I Don’t think so. But it is fun!

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 has gained #17 Spot in 2015 Best Action Movies.

16. Survivor

Best Action Movies of 2015 survivor

Pierce Brosnan did some great actions too, but…but…but…! The Survivor is the latest release of Pierce Brosnan and it doesn’t feel like you’re in that chase but this movie has a great chase sequences which is worth watching, as we have Pierce Brosnan in the movie too.

15. Hitman : Agent 47

Best Action Movies of 2015 hitman agent 47

Hitman : Agent 47 has grossed nearly $83 Million Worldwide. This movie is a Action Genre movie so, action is present but isn’t enough to impress.

We’ll see what you got in Next Hitman Movie.

14. The Revenant

Best Action Movies of 2015 the revenant

Another great performance by Leonardo DiCaprio and total box office collection is nearly $98 Million USD, the movie featured some great action work and a really good acting.

13. SouthpawBest Action Movies of 2015 southpaw

Southpaw has grossed over $91 Million with really good acting and with the help of actions.

Southpaw is getting #13 Spot on our Best Action Movies of 2015 List.

12. The Transporter RefueledBest Action Movies of 2015 the transporter refuleled

Transporter Franchise wants a new starts in character so they changed Jason Statham and the result, they’ve got nearly $73 Million Worldwide but Jason was also looks great in that Character.

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While talking about action sequences, they are really good, done perfectly…by Professionals!

11. Wild CardBest Action Movies of 2015 wild card

Jason Statham stars Wild Card has grossed over $47 Million USD Worldwide.

The reason Wild Card gained #11 is only actions, the actions sequences are really good but still the movie doesn’t make it to high box-office collections.

10. Spectre

Best Action Movies of 2015 spectre

Another one of the craziest guy in the Hollywood who’ll do anything for a perfect shot, even if he has to hang on a Helicopter over a city or some deadly Car-Chase or even Power-Packed action scenes.

Daniel Craig who is now known as James Bond Popular Spy character who has 24 Movies and 4 of them are played by Daniel Craig, the first movie in which he was introduced is Casino Royal then Quantum of Solace and in 2012 he has done Skyfall and in 2015 he has done a Record Breaking Movie which broke nearly every records in United Kingdom…SPECTRE…!

Must See : Spectre Breaks Box Office Records Earned $82.9 Million

Spectre movie has grossed over $560 Million USD Worldwide, not to mention…this movie is all about Action and ended up getting #8 Spot on 2015 Best Action Movies.

9. Jurassic World 

jurassic world Sci Fi Movies 2015

Jurassic World is the highest opening weekend grosser movie of 2015, collected over $208.8 Million on it’s first weekend, until Star Wars The Force Awakens comes into play and earned more than $248 Million USD alone in U.S. on it’s first weekend.

Jurassic World is currently the 2nd Highest Grosser Movie of 2015 which collected over $1.6 Billion USD Worldwide with the help of great actors and some mind-blowing action sequences. It’s the #7 Best Action Movies in 2015 on our list.

8. Mission Impossible : Rogue NationBest Action Movies of 2015 mission impossible rouge nation

Hollywood one of the craziest guy Tom Cruize went outside of a Real Plan, No CGI, No Special Effects…Nothing!…he’s all alone outside of the plane hanging 5,000 Feet above Ground, just to take a opening shot for movie.

This Guy is really crazy…! 😮

After all his hardwork and passion for movies and also with the help of his fellow co-stars, Mission Impossible 5 has managed to grossed over $683 Million Worldwide and trust me…this movie has a lots of action sequences, Car Chase, Bike Chase, or even Plane Chase too…!

7. Fast & Furious 7

Best Action Movies of 2015 fast and furious 7
source/universal studios

Fast and Furious 7 is the last adventure movie of Late Paul Walker, and still grossed over $1.6 Billion USD Worldwide and not to mentioned that it’s a full action adventure movie to starting. Amazing action sequences performed by wonderful peoples and still it’s one of the Best Action Movies of 2015.

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According to Vin Diesel, they’re planning to do a another Fast and Furious Movie but Vin said that FF7 was for Paul and FF8 is about Paul.

We’ll never forget you…Paul..!

6. Terminator Genisys

terminator genisys Sci Fi Movies 2015

Terminator Genisys, back with Arnold and look what he did, the movie grossed over $440 Million USD Worldwide.

After Arnold’s return in the movie, action level is also become high as you all know, he’s a Terminator and he’ll be back…!

5. CreedBest Action Movies of 2015 creed

Inspired by a true life story according to Sylvester, Creed has grossed over $98 Million worldwide with the great movie plot, actions and a great story.

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4. Ant Man 

Best Action Movies of 2015 ant man

Ant Man is the first debut movie of Hollywood Actor Scott, as Ant Man and now, he’s has been so popular among Marvel Fans, Marvel has decided to launch his own movie again in 2018 with Wasp and before that he’ll be seen in Captain America Civil War in Battle Mode.

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Talked about Ant Man movie which was released early in 2015 and it’s the 2nd Marvel Movies in 2015 which was released by Marvel, grossed over $518 Million worldwide and surely this movie featured a lost of dangerous actions too.

3. Avengers Age of UltronBest Action Movies of 2015 avengers age of ultron

Avengers Age of Ultron is Marvel 1st Movie in 2015 to release and it’s also breaks some records too but after the release of Jurassic World, Spectre and Star Wars The Force Awakens, Avengers Age of Ultron all records were vanished in the air, too quickly.

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Currently, Star Wars The Force Awakens is holding the record of 2nd Best Action Movies out of 20 Films but Avengers Age of Ultron which was full of Marvel Superhero’s has it’s reputation on the 3rd place on our list as you all saw, the real actions and behind the scene of the movie.

It’s currently Marvel’s biggest budget films has grossed $1.5 Billion worldwide due to his popularity and great action sequences.

2. Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens official poster

Star Wars The Force Awakens is the last big budget movie of 2015 which was released on December 18, 2015 in theaters and now has grossed over $300 Million in alone U.S.

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The Force Awakens is the fastest movie to make $300 Million and also it broke Highest Opening Weekend Movie record to by earning $248 Million USD on the first weekend of it’s release. Star Wars Force Awakens is power-packed Sci-Fi & Action movie which is now currently trending over worldwide for it’s brilliant action sequences and storyplot.

1. Mad Max Fury Road

Best Action Movies 2015 Mad Max Fury Road

This Year the biggest movie were a strange hodgepodge. The one movie which reinvigorated our love and belief in post apocalyptic action is Mad Max Fury Road. The Movie has grossed over $376 Million USD Worldwide and has a production budget of $150 Million. Mad Max Fury Road earned 2xtimes of it’s production budget or even more.

Surely this year is belong to Star Wars, Spectre, Avengers Age of Ultron and Jurassic World in terms of big collections at the Box Offices but this movie is excited about us on Post Apocalyptic Actions which is believable too in terms of Actions.

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What do you think of our list of 2015 Best Action Movies? Share your ordering of Best Action Movies 2015? Write your Best Action Movie 2015?

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