13 Reasons Why Most Of The People Fear The Number ’13’

Do you believe in luck? or for the matter, Superstitions? If the answer is yes, then the coming things are for you but even if you do not believe in them, there’s no harm in knowing a bit more (I don’t believe in such things either). Today, we will present you with 13 reasons why (some) people are afraid of ’13’.

#1. The Last Supper

It is believed that if there are 13 members during a supper at the table, then the 13th member will perish within a year. It is because Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus and was the 13th man to take his place at the table.

#2. 13 is odd

The number 12 has always been the perfect boy and the Gods of Olympus were 12 in numbers. There are 12 months in a year, 12 hours of the clock and even 12 signs in zodiac. Thus, 13 is odd and unlucky. Phew. Never thought being odd would be considered unlucky. Sorry 13.

#3. A name with 13 letters is already doomed

It is heavily believed that if your name has 13 letters than you are the unluckiest person in the world. You can consider Jack the Reacher for instance.

#4. Women menstruate about 13 times in a year

This one is the sickest of all and very odd reasoning to consider something bad. Menstruation is something that is natural and important for human race to live on. By the way, this superstitions is based on the menstruation cycle that is of about 28 days.

#5. Witch’s coven has 13 members

I don’t really believe in witch’s and all but if people can believe in god and spirits, then why not witch’s. By the way, they consider 13 to be something that completes them. Not everything that glitters is gold. I guess.

#6. Loki. The 13th Guest

In Norse mythology, there’s a story where a dinner party was interrupted by Loki who plunged the world into darkness and led to the death of a god called Balder. Guess what? Loki was the 13th guest at the party.

#7. The 13 steps to Gallows

As per the tradition, the sum of the steps up to the gallows would always end up being 13 no matter what. So, unlucky.

#8. Friday the 13th

There’s hardly anyone who haven’t heard about Friday the 13th. It is considered to be unluckiest day ever in mankind’s history. There are numerous mis-happenings associated with the date. You might have heard that you shouldn’t have your hair cut on Friday the 13th and many more.

#9. Tuesday the 13th

It’s not just Friday, but in Spain, Tuesday the 13th is considered very unlucky as well. What a strange world we live in.

#10. Babylon’s code of Hammurabi

The ancient Babylon’s code of Hammurabi removed 13 from its list of laws. FYI, we are talking about 1772 BC.

13 reasons

#11. Mass Execution of Knights Templar

The mass execution of Knights Templar began on October 13th, which was Friday. They were the protectors of Holy Grail.

13 reasons

#12. The Zoroastrian Tradition

In Zoroastrian tradition, it is believed that with the 13000th year of Earth, the fall of the good will start. The evil would perish their harmful war against the good souls.

13 reasons

#13. #14. Hotels not having a room 13

Many hotels do not have a room numbered 13. In Europe, The Carlton Hotel of London skipped the whole 13th floor and you already know why.

13 reasons

So these are the 13 reasons for ultra-superstitious belief that has led to the demise of the human brain for far too long. No offence but I don’t believe it and I think it’s stupid to believe in myths. What about you?

[Source: Indiatimes]

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