11 Tweets About #WhatsappDown That Won The Internet Today

Whatsapp is not just an app, it’s like a meal we can’t get off without. We have now forgotten about the SMS’s as WhatsApp has been the all-at-a-place thing for us. But what happens when it goes down? Chaos? or Jokes? These 11 tweets are enough to tell you about the importance of Whatsapp and how obsessed we are with the app. #WhatsappDown down is the top trend on Twitter in India today and we are the ones who made it happen. Let’s embrace the tweets.

#1. The time when Chetan Bhagat lamed another joke…

#2 …and got trolled in return

11 tweets

#3 And the ancient age recap

#4 Not everyone uses Jio

#5 The harsh-truth

#6 Looks Like Buzzfeed India is trying to stretch the trend

The #5 and #6 are Buzzfeed Editor and GifMakers respectively.

#7 What’s that? Indian Superman kinda thing?

By the way, Indian Superman is a movie from the 80s.

Here’s the shot

#8 Google! Are you listening?

#9 Ahem!!

#10 The dig at politics

#11 And it gave someone two years of excuse


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