11 Things We Just Learned About Justice League Movie

Warner Bros
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Justice League Movie London Set Visit Reveals Important Details

2017 Justice League Movie currently in production, but last Friday press visit of Justice League Movie London Set has revealed many important things about the upcoming DCEU Justice League and one more thing we learned during this press tour is Zack Snyder and DC don’t want to hide anything about their biggest project yet.

DC doesn’t want Justice League to be as corporate as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the whole cast and producers of Justice League wants to make it clear that they saw the fan feedback and that’s why they’re doing something different, that’s why DC & Zack Snyder and Cast of Justice League has revealed pretty much important things about the movies which you’re going to read in a while.

Obviously, avoiding giving away details on the main story, DC did reveal some of the things which define what Justice League is all about and here they are:

1. The Opening Prologue will show Darkseid’s’ Role

We knew that Justice League Movie is not aboutDarkseid, but it will feature him in the opening prolog. Darkseid is the ultimate villain of DC but producers and DC want him in 2nd Justice League Movie, this movie is all about Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf will be the Justice League main villain, leading the Para-demons in search for the Mother Boxes.

2. Batman will have his No Killing Code back in Justice League

Bruce Wayne is a changed man after the death of Superman and now has a new sense of humanity in Justice League. Ben Affleck confirmed that Batman will have his No Killing Code back in Justice League.

Batman murdering people in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did upset a lot of Batman fans as he went to the Dark Side by starts killing people even he almost killed Superman, thanks to Lois Lane and Martha’s Reference who saved Superman at that moment but Batman is all good now, he’s back to his no culling code.

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3. Batman had another Vehicle called Night Crawler in Justice League

Batman is a very resourceful guy and he’s had another vehicle called Night Crawler in the movie, which he uses to move through an abandoned tunnel between Metropolis and Gotham.

4. Batman will have more than one suit in Justice League Movie

Ben Affleck Batman won't have a future after justice league movies
source/warner bros

There were two Batman suits on the set and both are new suits in which one of them is just similar to what Batman wears in Batman v Superman, but with an extra blue color touch on it and the second one is just like Batman Desert Suit.

5. Ezra Miller Flash may be the best part of Justice League

Flash Cameo Details revealed in Batman v Superman

Ezra Miller Flash in Justice League might be the best superhero DC had right now, and a very special & unique costume is designed for Ezra Miller in Justice League for playing the Flash part, his Flash costume will be made of almost 150 pieces and Flash suit gets an upgrade by Wayne Tech at the end of the film, so there are two Flash suits to look forward to.

Flash suit is the same material NASA uses to prevent burning up during reentry. Barry Allen a.k.a. Flash is a resourceful, smart young man who’s stolen 3D Printers and has hacked into NASA.

6. Justice League is no Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman Fight
DC Comics

DC finally realized its mistake and starts making things clear in the press tour that they saw what the fans want from us and the Justice League.

So, DC has decided to give what fans desperately want to see in Justice League.

As Zack Snyder said, Justice League will have more humor, much lighter tone, and in That, it’s no Batman v Superman.

Batman v Superman was a very dark movie and it did really scare many fans, how dark it was, so DC finally realizes its mistake and they’re now trying to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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7. Justice League will feature Flying Fox, the Ultimate Justice League Vehicle

Well, technically it’s Batman’s Vehicle, and not this, nearly everything that costs a penny belongs to Batman because he’s the only one superhero in Justice League with bucks and a lot of bucks.

Justice League will have an another vehicle called Flying Fox which is an airplane the whole Justice League flies around in.

8. Superman is in the Movie

Henry Cavil Superman Workout for justice league
source/Henry Cavil (Facebook)

Superman may have died in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the end, but like most comic book characters death, the final Batman v Superman scene clearly shows the dirt above his coffin defying gravity and Deborah Snyder put it best by saying:

“Obviously, Superman is part of the Justice League”

But Superman will have slightly longer hair in Justice League when we see him again, that’s all part of the story. Above is the picture of Henry Cavil’s Supermanwork out for Justice League.

9. Batmobile gets an Upgrade too

Justice League Movie Batmobile

Warner Bros did confirm an upgraded Batmobile for Justice League in a newly Batmobile image which was released by Warner Bros. Batman’s Batmobile gets an upgrade & weaponized which means it will look more lethal this time than what we saw in Batman v Superman.

10. Cyborg Suit will have different modes for different situations

Cyborg suit in Justice League Movie is Apokalyptic in its technology and will feature a gun arm. The suit will also feature a civilian mode where he is covered up in a Tracksuit and hoodie for getting around Civilians.

11. Aquaman Wears Jeans outside the Sea

That’s interesting! Right?

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman wears Jeans above the surface and has a strong personality.

Point out what’re your favorite things from the list?

Justice League Movie flash costume
Warner Bros
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