10 Weirdest Objects Found In The Universe That You Won’t Believe

We are really small….. really, really small…..

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Science is vast and interesting, and the Universe we live in is a pure mystery. There have been many weird discoveries but these 10 weirdest objects will make you fumble with your thoughts because they are really hard to imagine and more than that, to believe.

Let’s start the list of,

10 Weirdest Objects Found In The Universe

1. The Largest Known Black Hole

Largest Black Hole NGC 1277 10 weirdest objects found

You might have only heard of the black hole present in our galaxy, but there are black holes in every galaxy and ours isn’t the largest one. The largest black hole is located at the center of galaxy NGC 1277.

The black hole masses 17 billion solar masses and is so huge that it compiles 14% of the total mass of the entire universe. Huge, isn’t it?

2. Lyman Alpha Blobs

lyman alpha blob 10 weirdest objects found

LAB or Lyman Alpha Blobs are some of the largest known entities of our universe with some of them being 400000 light years wide. It resembles a jellyfish-like structure and the largest known by us is around 200 million light years wide. That is around 200000 times larger than our Milky Way Galaxy.

3. The Boötes Void

bootes void 10 weirdest objects found

Ever heard of the term “nothingness” in space? Well, there is a king among that and that is Boötes void. These are clusters that are present where no energy or any matter can go. This means that it is total “nothing” and it has no substances present in it. It is around 250 million light years across, which is around 2500 milky way galaxies placed side by side.

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4. Shapley Super Cluster

Shapley super cluster 10 weirdest objects found

It is a collection of super galaxies around 400+ million light years long and if we compare it to our galaxy, it is more than 4000 times larger than our Milky Way galaxy. It is so big that the fastest machine available to us will take trillions of years to reach the end of it.

5. The Huge-LQG

Huge LQB 10 weirdest objects found

The Huge-LQG is stated as the largest structure in the universe till date and was discovered in 2013. The full form of Huge-LQG is Huge Large Quasar Group. It is confirmed to have 73 quasars which are approximated to take 4 billion light years to cross it traveling at the speed of light.

6. The Cosmic Web

The Cosmic Web 10 weirdest objects found

It is to known date, the largest thing ever discovered and many astronauts and scientists confirm this as it is a collection of galaxy clusters surrounded by dark matter resembling a 3D structure. It is so big that in an estimate, our milky way galaxy is around 4 billion times smaller than it. Feel small yet?

7. Rogue Planet – CFBDSIR2149

Rogue Planet CFBDSIR2159 10 weirdest objects in the universe
Courtesy: National Geographic

Next contribution to our 10 weirdest objects in the universe is a Rogue Planet that looks significantly alone and it is in real.

Named CFBDSIR2149, this isolated planet is considered to be kicked out of its solar system and is on its own since then and the more astonishing fact is that it is only 100 million light-years away. So, you wanna have a road trip?

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8. Dark Galaxy – Galaxy X

10 weirdest objects in universe galaxy x
Courtesy: NASA

There is a galaxy far far away from our galaxy made completely of dark matter and gas having hardly any stars. In 2009, astronomers found a dark galaxy and four 100-million-year-old stars hiding inside of it. If there is anything terrifying, it is the “dark matter” for sure. Just try to imagine, being succumbed in a place with absolute darkness, where light cannot come.

9. The Brightest Star- R136a1

Brightest Star R136a1 10 weirdest objects in the universe

Does our sun feel too bright these days? Well, you will thank god that R136a1 is not in our galaxy because if it were, you probably would have never seen the night.

This star is said to be the brightest star in the universe and is 256 times larger than our sun and 7.4 million times brighter.

10. The Coldest Thing In The Universe – The Boomerang Nebula

The Boomerang Nebula 10 weirdest objects found

Located 5000 light years away, The Boomerang Nebula is said to be the coldest thing in the universe with a rise of -458°F in the mercury. It is made of dust and gas and is expanding at a rate of 367,000 miles per hour. The expansion is somehow the main cause of its coolant and it is there to remain forever.

So, how much did you gain from this knowledge round? Found anything astonishing in these 10 weirdest objects ever found in the universe? Comment if you had a great time reading this.

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