10 Things You Should Know Before You Watch Captain America Civil War

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Marvel Studios Biggest & Most expensive movie yet Captain America Civil War which is scheduled to release on May 5, 2016.

It’s a dream come true movie for Marvel Superhero Fans as they will finally getting a Civil War Movie in which Iron Man & Captain America will fight against each other with their own teams which include¬†various other Marvel Superhero Characters which we will discuss below in a moment. But before that here are the 10 Things you should know before you watch Captain America Civil War on Big Screen.

10. There Is No Hiding, No Secrets Any More

Captain America defensive
source/Entertainment Weekly

It’s not about hiding personalities anymore, Iron Man and Captain America are both fighting because of Government Act which is purely declared no vigilante anymore from Earth Mightiest Superheros.

Every Superhero wants to help people but some of them don’t want to show their Secret Identities for the shake off their family protection, not everybody as cool as Iron Man. You know what I mean! ūüėõ

Look clearly, there is no one in the Marvel Universe who has Secret Identity except Spider-Man and finally Marvel will introduce him in his first Marvel Superhero Collaboration Movie. Except Spider-Man there is no one who has something to hide from anyone, They all are DareDevils Especially Iron Man.

Civil War will give you some extraordinary Superheros for sure when the right time will come and the right time will come on May 5, 2016, when one of the Biggest Superheros Collision takes place in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So, don’t expect some secret identities from anyone and who knows you may get to see Spider-Man revealing his Secret Identities too. Who Knows?

9. Don’t Expect To See Direct Fights, There Is A Whole ‘How War Begins’ Plot Waiting For You

winter soldier and iron man fight

When Marvel left us with some new Avengers in the end of Avengers Age of Ultron there are no such things War brings in front of us but suddenly Marvel Studios announced a War when DC announced their Biggest & Most Expensive Movie Batman v Superman and of course Marvel & DC are both competitors so, Marvel renews his Captain America Serpent Society to Captain America Civil War and scheduled the release date exact 1 Month 10 Days after Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

Just like that! However you will see some story plot for How The War Begins between Iron Man & Captain America due to Government Registration Act where Iron Man is in support of Government and Captain America isn’t.

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Just don’t expect a¬†direct fight between two biggest superheroes of Marvel in first 10 Minutes.

8.  Some Old Villains Will Return For Vengeance

crossbones in civil war
source/marvel studios

Just take Crossbones for a¬†moment, He’s not dead in Captain America Winter Soldier. In the end of the movie he’s seen alive and he will be back for Vengeance in a whole new way. Yes! you will get to see him fighting Captain America just like in Marvel Comic Universe.

Crossbones spotted in several photos from the set of Captain America Civil War fighting with Captain America.

So, get ready to expect some major villains after the brawl between Iron Man & Captain America.

Spoiler Alert : Crossbones is the one who assassinate Captain America once the war is over. So, Keep eyes on him.

7. Expect Some Giant Superheros Too, Okay May Be One

Best Action Movies of 2015 ant man
source/marvel studios

Yes, Ant-Man is in the movie and chances are super high you will see him in his Big Giant Avatar once the Civil War is started and one more thing Ant-Man is on Captain America’s Team.

Ant-Man which is played by Paul Rudd recently revealed that he won’t have a huge role but it will be a memorable one. You Know What I Mean! ūüėõ D

6. T’Challa aka Black Panther May Be Swinging Both Sides In Captain America Civil War Movie

black panther and cap chase scene civil war
source/marvel studios/Entertainment Weekly

Everyone knows now, that T’Challa is on Iron Man’s side as we’ve seen in Superbowl teaser trailers, official trailers, and posters but don’t expect him to be on one side. He’s the one character who can swing both sides when needed.

Keep in mind that Marvel hasn’t introduced¬†him to Cinematic Universe yet and T’Challa only have one goal for the movie and that is to stop the war or maybe trying to stop the war.

According to Marvel President Kevin Feige, Black Panther is a middle man. So, ready to expect him swinging sides any time in the movie.

5. Expect Falcon Character Direct From Marvel Comicsfalcon & ant man in civil war

Captain America Sidekick Falcon isn’t an easy character to adopt from Live Action but finally, you will get to see Original Falcon with his REDWING in Civil War.

According to Rumors, Every Superhero has an Upgrade whether it’s a costume or SuperPowers or a New Technology Suit.

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4. Don’t Expect Various Cameos In Civil War Expect Spider-Man

Tom Holland aka Spiderman in civil war
source/movie news

Millions of Spider-Man fans dream come true when they heard the news of Spider-Man joining Marvel Cinematic Universe in upcoming Blockbuster Captain America Civil War.

But it’s still isn’t clear How Will He Introduce In Civil War, doesn’t matter but it’s better¬†to be a good one because Spider=Man deserved the role in MCU for sure.

Just imagine how good it will be when Spider-Man smashing both Iron Man & Captain America at the end of Movie to stop Fighting with each other.

3. Don’t Expect Our Beloved Hulk In Civil War But You Might Get To See Red Hulk Though!

General Ross in civil war
source/Marvel Studios

Hulk & Thor both left the Avengers in previous Blockbuster Avengers Age of Ultron and Hulk now will be seen in next Thor Movie, Thor Ragnarok which is also scheduled in 2017 but doesn’t expect Hulk & Thor in Civil War.

However, when Thunderbolt Ross has seen in Captain America Civil War First Trailer you might guess what he’s doing here, he’s not obviously playing around. Things are getting messy in the movie, for sure.

Be Ready To Expect Red Hulk In Civil War.

2. Get Ready For Some Badass Action From Civil War

CIVIL WAR New Entry Battle Poster
source/total film/marvel

So Many Superheros and all will be¬†seeing fighting with each other, obviously, the Registration Act has divided Avengers and bring them into Battlefield and when the War Begins it will be one in a lifetime War you will saw from Marvel Universe. Whether it’s Iron Man vs Captain America or Iron Man vs Winter Solider, the action will be going to hunt you forever for sure.

1. Be Ready For One Superhero Death

Captain America Civil War superhero death
source/Marvel Studios

‘War is not a nice place to be’ When War Begins someone, somewhere hurt and hurt badly and it’s going to be a¬†very sad moment when one of the¬†Superhero¬†will die in the end of Civil War.

According to Rumors, the Death will be huge & also the Character.

So, Are you excited for Captain America Civil War Movie? What’s your favorite moment from our 10 Things You Should Know Before You Watch Captain America Civil War? Shout out in comments!

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