10 Professions That Impress Women The Most In The World

You can’t simply know what is going on inside a woman’s mind and to understand them completely (or even 50%) is something, the human mind or you can say a man’s mind cannot do at any cost. But do you know it is really easy to impress a woman? It is very easy to mark an impression on a woman but this is for you if you are too shy or too much into your attitude that you can’t make some effort and wants your profession to speak out for you. Today, we are here with a list of 10 professions that Women love the most and get impressed by the most in the world.

And this is not a made up article because Tinder released a list of such professions based on the swipes. Here we go.


10 professions

You know what a woman loves? Food. And if you know how to cook then there won’t be anyone as happy as her. After all, it is every women’s dream to be served food by her better half.


10 professions

Everyone loves music and if you know a little bit of singing and know how to play the guitar, then, believe me, half the game is already won by you. Girls go crazy over a musician.


I’m not much aware of this but the research also revealed that women fall for Pilots very often and easily. Maybe there is something in the way they fly or the way they are always ready to pilot people or maybe the facilities they get. Who knows?


Yes. You read that right. Now you might be thinking that your mom and dad were right in wanting you to be a doctor. Doctors have a very high reputation in our society and women love the reputed guys a lot. Like seriously a lot.

10 professions

Hackers, Coders or Soft. Engineers

Engineering has got its own perks. I know it’s like a suicide mission to go for engineering nowadays but you should be aware that most of the beautiful girls are in CSE department.

10 professions


This is not so common in sub-Asian countries like India but is very much in trend in western countries. Women easily fall for the Bartenders and often get very cosy with them within a few hours.

So if you are planning to shift abroad, you may want to try being a bartender. This 10 professions list is going pretty great so far. Isn’t it?


If you know how to influence someone with your words, then there’s probably no one who won’t be impressed by you, be it a girl or a boy. Writers have been considered the soul of those who can’t convey their feelings. To convey different meanings through same words arranged differently is an ability only a few have mastered in all these years.

10 professions


I might get a bit differed on this one because all the memes that are in trend are of photographers getting friend-zoned. But this is not completely true because a professional photographer can get hold of a really pretty and wonderful woman.

It is in the way you can truly parse out her beauty on a coloured paper.

10 professions

Military Man

Being in the army is something that can give you pride, respect as well as the woman of your dreams. Military men are always tough, bold and have an amazing personality.

10 Professions


This is definitely the toughest work. Being an entrepreneur in itself is a challenge. You have to go through a lot of things, a lot of phases to get a little part of success.

10 professions

Ups and downs, losses, strain, tension, sleepless nights, continuous work are some of the things that when combined make you a successful entrepreneur. It’s about the braveness you have to prove all the odds wrong that impress the hell out of any woman on this entire planet.

So, that’s it. I hope you have found your profession in these 10 professions. Remember, there are ways to impress a woman and it is not about 10 professions or a million, it is about what the soul wants and what is served.

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