10 Facts About Astronaut Rakesh Sharma That You Probably Don’t Know

He’s The First Indian To Go To Space.

image source/YouTube
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It’s final! Aamir Khan will play Astronaut Rakesh Sharma in his biopic and the movie will be directed by Mahesh Mathai under the banner of RK Films.

But before you’ll see Aamir Khan portraying Astronaut Rakesh Sharma in the movie here are 10 facts about Rakesh Sharma that you probably don’t know.

So have a look at these 10 Facts about Astronaut Rakesh Sharma – The First Indian to go to space.

10. Rakesh Sharma was born on January 13, 1949. He originally belongs to Punjab.

9. Rakesh Sharma’s son is a film director.

I, Me or Main movie was directed by Rakesh Sharma‘ son Kapil Sharma.

8. Rakesh Sharma was commissioned into Air Force as a test pilot but a few people knew that he nearly died when he was flying an MIG-21.

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7. Just to cope with Space Sickness, he experimented and practiced Yoga in Zero Gravity in 1984 and his experiments were really appreciated by the Rocosmos.

Even in 2009, during a press conference, he had advised next Indian Astronaut to practice Yoga in order to deal with Space sickness.

6. Believe it or not, Rakesh Sharma had respect even enemies. Still didn’t believe us?

Take a look at one of his quotes and you’ll know what we’re talking about,

“As Pakistani rangers suffered casualties, they waved white flags, asking BSF to stop the firing so that they can lift the bodies of the dead men. We stopped the firing after their request.” – Rakesh Sharma

5. He was elected to Travel into space as Cosmonaut as a part of a joint program by ISRO and the SIS Programme.

4. The total duration of his stay in Outer Space lasted 7 Days 21 Hours and 40 Minutes.

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3. When Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked him about how India looked from outer space, Sharma responded with, quote:

“Saare Jahan Se Accha” (Better Than The Whole World)

this is what india looks like from Space
image source/NASA

2. Rakesh Sharma was felicitated with Ashoka Chakra by the Indian Government. Not only this, Sharma was awarded by the Hero of Soviet Union after his return from space.

1. During an Interview, when asked about what he misses the most about his Journey to outer space. He replied that he misses Russian Cheesecake the most.

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