10 Best Sci Fi Movies 2015, Ranked – Worst To Best

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The Year 2015 is coming to its end and our list of 2015 Best Sci-Fi Movies is also ready. So, without further a due here is the 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2015.

These movies are ranked, worst to best, just to keep one thing in mind and that is ScI Fi Genre.

Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2015, Ranked – Worst To Best

10. Infini

Sci Fi Movies 2015 infini
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The whole journey starts off when some members of Search and Rescue Team uncover a global threat after traveling to a mining colony in Outer Space. The movie is unique and has a great story in Sci-Fiction World, thus the movie gets a #10 Spot in Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2015.

9. Chappie

Sci Fi Movies 2015 chappie
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Until today, you saw Robocop Movie in which a robotic and human Police Cop who trying to save the world from greater threats but in Chappie, a full mechanized police force patrols the streets and deal with the threats who breaks the law and now, Humans are fighting back on Robotic Police Force and in that particular schema one robot is stolen and given new programming which acquires the ability to think and feels things just like a Human.

Although the movie plot is great and it’s also a nice movie too in terms of Sci-Fi Genre and definitely deserve the spot #9 on our list of Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2015.

8. Project Almanac

project almanace Sci Fi Movies 2015
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Project Almanac journey starts with Johnny a high school nerd who dreams of going to MIT, Johnny and his friends uncover blueprints of a Mysterious Device with limitless powers, starts the thrilling journey of these High School kids in an unknown place.

However, Project Almanac isn’t without wit or originality, but its thin story and irritating found footage camerawork ultimately make it difficult to recommend.

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7. Terminator Genisys

terminator genisys Sci Fi Movies 2015
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John Conner, leader of Human Resistance against Skynet sends Kyle to 1984 to protect his mother Sara Conner an unidentified Terminator T-1000 assassins them but the things turned out pretty handling when Terminator T-800 (Arnold) back in the action.

If you’re Sci-Fi Action Movie Fan, this movie is for you.

6. Jurassic World

jurassic world Sci Fi Movies 2015

Owen (Chris Pratt) starts his journey in Jurassic World when Jurassic World Luxury Resort team sends him in the part to investigate about the Vicious and Intelligent Indominus Rex and then things goes wrong pretty bad.

As you all know it’s the 2nd Highest Grosser Weekend Movie of 2015 which grossed over $208.8 Million USD.

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5. Jupiter Ascending

Sci Fi Movies 2015 jupiter ascending
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Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) can predict future but in reality, she’s a woman consists of cleaning other people’s clothes, house etc. but when Caine was arrived on Earth to locate her, the battle between Jupiter and Forces started.

This movie Got a unique Sci-Fi plot and has a great storyline too which means it’s prequel comes to mind when you watched the movie.

4. Star Wars The Force Awakens

star wars the force awakens Sci Fi Movies 2015
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2015 Last and Latest Action, Sci-Fi Genre Movie got a #4 Spot in our 2015 Best Sci-Fi Movies. Why is it on #4?

Star Wars Saga continues with Space mysterious powers and dictators in which Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren with Captain Phasma and General Hux are trying to wipe out the entire Resistance so that when they face-off Luke Skywalker, nobody is there for help and then they’ll succeed in killing the Last Jedi.

Star Wars VIII will be coming soon and Studio already releases the date of Star Wars VIII which is scheduled to release on May 26, 2016.

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3. Mad Max Fury Road

mad max fury road Sci Fi Movies 2015
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This movie impresses us all, In a Post Apocalyptic world where a tyrant rule over a stark desert, controlling every drop of water. The Two Rebel are the only hope for the people.

Mad Max Fury Road is an Action, Fantasy and one of the Best Sci-Fi Movies movie in which the movie got a pretty good response in Box offices, some people loved the movie and it’s the 1st Movie of 2015 in Terms of Best Action.

2. Ex-Machina

Sci Fi Movies 2015 ex-machina
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A young programmer is selected to participate in a breakthrough experiment in, ‘Ex Machina’ What will happen if I fail your test? – Go Watch The Movie, It’s one of the Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2015 and for some people, it is the best movie they’ve seen in 2015.

1. The Martian

Best Sci Fi Movies 2015 The Martian
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Martian, Grab the 1st Spot on our list of 2015 Best Sci-Fi Movies and this movie really deserve this honor because of its excellent plot and uniqueness and it’s the one movie which has the higher possibility to comes out to be true soon.

In a recent Interview, United States President Barack Obama said that they will try to grow potato plants on Mars Surface, just like you’ve seen in the movie, Martian.

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It’s could be true, A Satellite of Indian named The Mars Orbiter Satellite aka Mangalyaan, reached on Mars Space and orbiting since September 24, 2014, which was launched on November 5, 2013, in Mars Space.

Also, Martian is the first movie supported by NASA, itself.

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